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WAPPY interviews SB.TV Founder & Entrepreneur, Jamal Edwards for Ealing's Community Speaks Event!

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

WAPPY is so grateful to Jamal Edwards, MBE (SB.TV founder, entrepreneur & author) for visiting us online yesterday, and allowing our youngsters to interview him for Ealing Council’s upcoming, ‘Community Speaks’ Anti-Racist event this coming Friday evening, 6 pm-7.30 pm. Official publicity to follow.! What a generous spirit! Thank You to Jamal & the WAPPY members who interviewed Jamal! A hightlight at the beginning when is Jamal’s former teacher, Carmel Cameron, who has a family member in WAPPY, greeted him. Surprised as he didn’t expect her to be in the meeting, Jamal was so full of respect for his former teacher, and still referred to her as ‘Miss’. This spoke volumes. Remember young people to always stay respectful and never forgot your roots as you advance in life! Thanks again Jamal for your generosity and humility. Our youngsters and the WAPPY community were & are really inspired. The full interview is below.

'Community Speaks' will enable online visitors to listen in to debates and performances that explore solutions to societal and structural racism in Ealing and beyond. The event includes Jamal Edwards, Descendants, PM Gallery, Bollo Youth Group, a group of WAPPY youngsters and Council leader, Julian Bell (and more) contributing to the programme, with the technical/media support provided by BUFF (British Urban Film Festival). Here’s the URL to join the live stream:

The full WAPPY interview of Jamal Edwards is accessible below.

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