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Georgiana Jackson-Callen, Oxford student and proud WAPPY alumna

WAPPY is more than simply a Writing, Acting, Publishing and Performing Group for Youngsters: it is a brilliant, phenomenally supportive community where young people can shine. I believe that every child in the Ealing area should have the opportunity to be part of such a community, and as such, there is no other cause I can think of that is more worthy of your support.

Beverley Mason.png

Beverley Mason, Chief Executive at FHALMA Foundation (Friends of the Huntley Archives at LMA)

Well done and congratulations to the entire community that you call the Wonderful World of WAPPY. Thank you! Please accept our most gracious appreciation for the cultural performance at the annual Huntley Conference, February 2019.


Seb Jenner, Producer of the Hillingdon Literary Festival

The launch was a heart-warming and inspiring event, showcasing young talent, celebrating local partnerships and generating a huge feel-good factor! Beautiful book, which has been a pleasure to dip into time and time again. I'm delighted to have formed new connections and feel privileged to have seen the numerous outcomes of such a vital organisation first-hand.

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