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Wonderful World of WAPPY

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of WAPPY's creation, Founder and Director Grace 'Akuba' Quansah collated the work of WAPPY's youngsters into an anthology entitled 'The Wonderful World of WAPPY: 10 Years of Inspirational Writing & Art by Over 100 Young Contributors.'

Below are some snapshots from the book launch, which celebrated the powerful literary platform that WAPPY has become. 111 writers and 3 illustrators, ages 4-24, contributed poetry, prose and/or art-work in this landmark anthology, as a result of participating in one or several workshops or related activities.  

To purchase the book, either use the form below, or send an email to with the subject line 'Purchasing Wonderful World of WAPPY', and we will let you know how to proceed further.

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Below is a promotional video made to celebrate the book launch. A massive thanks to all who came and contributed!

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