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WAPPY's aim is to develop the creative writing and illustration skills of young people, ages 4 -18 years from diverse backgrounds, and train them to become skilled performers of their creative work, which will be published, exhibited, recorded and/or produced in print or digitally later. 


WAPPY also provides training and volunteering opportunities for students, the unemployed and other individuals seeking to develop their employment status. Through our activities we are able to promote dialogue and cultural cohesion among young people from socially, culturally and economically diverse communities, and older members of their communities, and within the wider community.

“WAPPY is a force for creative good in West London and provides an artistic outlet for young people of all backgrounds.”

Dr. Rupa Huq, MP, Ealing Central and Acton

Our Mission

  WAPPY works with all young persons in helping them continuously develop their creativity and self-expression through the media of writing, acting, arts and performance.  WAPPY is unique in the way it develops the aspirations and showcases the talents of young people to a global community.  This is achieved through after school clubs, community orientated events, live performance and published works.

“WAPPY helps us to find our identity.”

By a WAPPY member, September 2010

Our Mission

Our Vision

WAPPY aims to develop into a thriving centre of excellence and to become a global hub of creativity for children and young people of all abilities. A place to shine and where talent can be promoted, supported and shared with the wider international community through publication, exhibitions and performances. We wish to establish a permanent, self-sustainable and accessible organisation that partners with young people and other interested establishments.

We Need Your Support Today!

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