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WAPPY is delighted that the Queen Nzinga Saturday School run by Parents Action Resource Centre (PARC) in partnership with Writing, Acting & Publishing Project for Youngsters (WAPPY) is visiting the British Museum on Saturday 12 November to be taken on a tour with Danny Thompson (guide) to see the African artefacts on display in the African Gallery 25 and in other Galleries at the BM.

WAPPY is inviting families, however, we can accompany young people with our volunteers if your youngsters are ages 8-17years. Space is limited so bookings are on a first-come-first-served basis!. We have 12 spaces!

PARC members will start their tour around 11 am while WAPPY members will start their tour at around 1 pm. We will head of from East Acton Station (Central Line) 12 pm to meet families inside the entrance gates (near the mobile cafe van) at 12.45 pm.


Parents Action and Resource Centre was formed in February 2016 to address the inequalities that currently exist in the education system and help create an inclusive education system for all. It launched the Queen Nzinga Saturday School Club in October 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic to ensure that "the pandemic didn’t worsen children’s chances of achieving their potential." As Ade Banjoko PARC founder states, "we wanted to use the time, when learning seemed to slow down, to strive even more to give our students the best opportunities to reconnect with their history and culture, to embrace the values we believe are crucial to addressing the inequalities that exist in today’s society and to continue a tradition of academic excellence."

For more information on PARC per se & the Queen Nzinga Saturday School, please visit the website via this link:

Danny Thompson is a Teacher, Author, Musician, Filmmaker, and creator of Educational Products. He's been "a music teacher for thirty years working in schools, colleges, and with organisations such as the London Philharmonic Orchestra. As a teacher of Black History and African Heritage for over ten years he creates and delivers educational projects and workshops for children and adults, and works with supplementary and state schools, community groups, and local authorities. His work includes the educational Dvd 'Everyday Life in a West African Empire'. Publications & resources include:

'The Afrikan Literary Heritage - History & Activities book'.

Co-creator of the online African Heritage and Black History course 'The Black Secret'.

For more information on Danny Thompson's work please visit his website, via this link:

Please get in touch urgently if you’d like to join WAPPY to visit the British Museum for the African tour. We will supply snacks & can assist families with the tube fare on request.


Akuba (Grace)

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