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Ancient & World Philosophies & Modern Day Issues!

Do you know why the African philosophy of Ubuntu (a Bantu term) is important for understanding how we live today? What did ancient thinkers Abu Nasr Al-Farabi (Middle East), Buddhist Confucius (China), Chanakya (India) and Ptahhotep (Egypt) etc. have to say about the world? This Lockdown Life session looked at ‘Ancient & World Philosophies & Modern Day Issues’. Starting off with another fun quiz to unpack again what we mean by ‘non western philosophy’, then with a short video and a mind map we explored some philosophies from ancient, non-western origins as well as consider how modern day thinkers from Africa (eg. Kwame Anthony Appiah), Asia, the Middle East & elsewhere help us understand concerns and problems in modern life today. We looked more closely at the idea of 'Ubuntu' -"I am because we are," by looking at the Utube video: Ubuntu African Philosophy:

plus Akuba's telling of her story, "Obvious Kweku & Fifi Wise". Set in Ghana, planning the construction of a new school, following a rainstorm, which damaged the old one, is only possible when the community came together. They relied on the wisdoms of young siblings, Kweku & Fifi, and with a little help from the spirit of Ubuntu by the local village and the chief a perfect plan was produced to build the new school.

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