Christopher & Kai, WAPPY & Walpole Park Games Day,
What I Like About Ealing-The Story Continues 25th
NWIA-AMAH Front COVER August 2015

WAPPY Partners with Ealing's Walpole Park to host a charity Five A SIDE MATCH & Community Games Day, April 15

world ACCLAIMED POET/author & WAPPY FAN BENJAMIN ZEPHANIAH with Akuba Sept 2014 'Terror Kid' Discussion

Congratulations to WAPPY Writers, DANIAL Larbi (12), Georgiana Jackson-Callen (17) and ACQUAYE McCALMAN (12) for the publication of their poems in 'Sweet Beats for Keats' , which was edited by Maureen Roberts and Professor Benjamin Zephaniah. The anthology of poems features a wonderful eccletic mix of poems, including submissions by both editors, inspired by workshops undertaken at Keats House during its festival in 2011, which Benjamin Zephaniah held the residency.