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WAPPY Wins Mental Health & Well-Being Award!

Wow! WAPPY did it! We won the Young Ealing Foundation Mental Health & Well Being Award for running ‘Creating Mindfully Lockdown Life’ during the pandemic April 2020 to July 2021! Thank you to all the young people & community partners who voted for WAPPY & to our members, Trustees & volunteers, Patron Uncle Eric Huntley, sponsors, partners including May Whyte (Art of Mindfulness) & Ealing Libraries for making ‘Lockdown Life’ possible. If your scroll down in the News Menu you can read up on our Lockdown Life sessions.

In the video, the award was received by Grace Quansah (Director) and members of the WAPPY team, Trustees, Regina Ioannou, Carolyn Warner, and John Durston and a member since 2014, Ivy Oppong.

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