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Our Popular 'Building Bridges' Project is Returning, Thanks to Young Ealing Foundation Funding!

WAPPY has been successful in its second round of grant applications to Young Ealing Foundation to run 12 weeks of ‘Building Bridges’ workshops, and related activities in Acton Library, Ealing Central Library (Final Showcase), West Acton Primary School (an After School Club) as well as at Walpole PK (e.g. a Games Day) from April 2022.

Back by popular demand, we have successfully run the project initially at St Mary’s Church, 2013 (West Twyford), then at Hanwell Library, 2014, followed by 12 weeks in 2018 at St Dunstan’s Church in East Acton (Ealing Borough of London):

Its aim & objectives are to support young people who have felt excluded by decision-making processes concerning the ongoing pandemic /lockdowns and their education, plus offer volunteering opportunities for jobseekers, students, and trustees, and build partnerships with Ealing Libraries and West Acton School.

Take a look at our publicity video contributed by some of our youth volunteers, members and Trustee, Carolyn Warner as well as Karen Kondo, the Head of West Acton:

We are grateful to them including Karen Kondo (West Acton Head), our WAPPY Trustees & volunteers, and Martha Lambert, Karen Henry, Rabin Bose and other members of Ealing Libraries for their support. WAPPY would also like to say a big thanks to Elly Heaton (Ealing Young Foundation, CEO) & Rachel Phelan (former Funding Development Manager at YEF) for their guidance.

Exact dates of when the workshops will start in Acton Library and West Acton Primary School to follow soon!

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