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KRIK KRAK Presents 'A Creative Response Workshop'

This Sunday 31st January 4.30-6 pm, Lockdown Life is honoured to have Mervyn Weir, award-winning, filmmaker, writer, designer, illustrator, & director of The Tranzition Agency & Krik Krak, along with Marge Lowhar, an educator, manager, mentor, and organisational development consultant. Having launched his critically-acclaimed film, “I Can’t Breathe” and illustrated book by the same, this groundbreaking session will involve Mervyn, Marge & myself leading, 3 break out groups to sensitively discuss his film, ‘I Can’t Breathe’ around some key themes: one being identity!

First we will have our popular ice-breaker quiz, as well as check in on how you’re doing,

This session is geared more towards 11+ secondary school age children & beyond, although if families feel a young person/children under 11, are emotionally able to watch the film & take part then then they are welcomed to join the workshop. I will work with the under 11s.

Marge & Mervyn have requested that you watch the video before attending the session: Along with one WAPPY pioneer, I’m honoured to have been given a part in the film.

Please check out the works of Krik via: & contact Akuba via for Login detail details.

Thank you

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