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Generous Donations Fund WAPPY Workshop

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

A massive thank you to all of the WAPPY supporters for enabling us to run the highly anticipated 'Creating Mindfully' workshop!

Akuba (left) and May Whyte (right) hard at work planning the 'Creating Mindfully' workshop.

For her recent birthday, Akuba raised funds for WAPPY to partner with ‘The Art of Mindfulness’ and Ealing Libraries to run a one day ‘taster’ youth/family-centred event ‘Creating Mindfully’. We would like to thank everyone who donated to this amazing cause, which has successfully allowed us to run the 'Creating Mindfully' event! This will take place on Saturday 28th March 2020 at 11am-3pm in Ealing Central Library. The event will include:

  • A WAPPY Icebreaker game

  • An Introduction to Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness First Aid

  • Daily Practice

  • Daily Life Implementation

  • Mindful eating, walking, dressing

  • Mindful Creative Expressions

The workshop aims to empower young people and their families to think more creatively and develop strategies to help them manage stress. Participants will also produce creative writing, art and drama for future publication and exhibition. Please click here for more info.

Mindfulness interventions and strategies for young people with their families are needed today more than ever, as our youngsters face rising levels of stress within schools and colleges and in the wider community. A recent survey by the National Education Union found that 83% of teachers reported an increase in student mental health problems in the past two years.

Thus, WAPPY are collaborating with The Art of Mindfulness to demonstrate how creativity and mindfulness can be used interactively to assist young’s personal development.

For more information on these techniques, visit mindfulness practitioner May Whyte’s website here.

We hope to see you all at the workshop!

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