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Children's Author Speaks Out for Ealing Libraries

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

WAPPY Founder Akuba speaks with author Louie Stowell about the necessity of saving Ealing's libraries from closure.

WAPPY staff pictured with Louie Stowell (far right).

A big thank you to author, Louie Stowell, who has provided a statement of support for the 'Save Ealing Libraries' campaign. To get involved, please click here to sign our petition to protest the proposed closures of these valuable learning spaces. On a related note, WAPPY hopes to have an audience with Louie in due course.

Stowell, author of The Dragon in the Library, recently issued a statement in support of our continuing battle to support the rights of the different groups that still depend on libraries for a sense of community.

"As a children's writer, I know very well the immense impact a properly and professionally staffed and stocked library can have. Access to books - for people of all ages - at no cost is vital for our society to be just. But it's especially important for children, as literacy gaps formed early in life massively affect life chances. I grew up in Ealing as a small child and had access to an amazing range of books in libraries there. It saddens me enormously that children in the future might not have that advantage. The long term impact on children of having access to endless stories, non-fiction and more, is impossible to measure. But the effects on the economy of a less literate population can be measured, and without libraries, we will all be poorer, both in mind and in the treasury!"

To find out more about Stowell's creative work, click here.

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