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West London, Black History & My Family Tree

WAPPY is celebrating Black History 365 with a focus on West London & Black History 2020 and ‘My Family Tree’. This is especially important as the majority of our members live, study or/and work within West London, and WAPPY has its roots in the borough of Ealing, as West London borough.

Did you know Sally Mugabe (teacher & wife of the late former Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe), once lived in Ealing in exile? Do you know the UK’s first Black Mayor, Nigerian-born, Janet Adegoke, represented Hammersmith & Fulham? Or that in 18th century Hillingdon, there once lived a black servant and musician who defended his boss against a Highway robber at the Old Bailey? Are you aware that 16th century Elizabethan London was once home to hundreds of black African-descended men and women, working as musicians, dancers, entertainers and domestic servants?

This family-centred interactive session included a quiz - filled themed Zooms session, which also explores contributions that London/West London key men and women of African heritage have made to Black History from ancient/Medieval times, journeying through to the present day, ending with a spoken word tribute to West London/Ealing-based Civil Rights activists and Bogle L’Ouverture publishers, Jessica and Eric Huntley. We will run this session twice including a weekend date so watch this space!

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