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'TUUP' - The Unorthodox, Unprecedented Preacher- Meets WAPPY & Is Telling Tales!

Internationally acclaimed storyteller & musician, and one of Ealing borough’s most cherished artists, TUUP, will be coming into WAPPY’s Lockdown Life ‪tomorrow, Sunday afternoon. ‘TUUP’ is Telling Tales, ‪Sunday, 17th Jan, 4.30 pm - ‪6 pm (‪ We will start with one of our legendary quizzes, before exploring what storytelling actually is.

We will learn about the work of TUUP & no doubt he will engage us in a ‘Krik Krak’ Call & Response, after which, we will enjoy listening to TUUP telling us a tale or two! If you have any questions for him, please get them ready. For login details please contact WAPPY via Safeguarding rules apply. For more on ‘Creating Mindfully/Lockdown Life’ please visit this web page

Catch up soon


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