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Passing The Time Through Rhythm & Rhyme on the Windrush

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

WAPPY will re-run, ‘Passing the Time Through Rhythm & Rhyme on the Windrush’, at Ealing Central Library, Ealing Bdy Centre (W5 5JY) 8th November 2022, 4.30-6 pm.

Already delivered to over 800 Ealing students (EYFS, Key S1, Key S2 & KS2 levels), including at Gifford Primary 2021, this workshop uses an ice-breaker quiz, storytelling, poetry, a map-reading activity, arts & crafts & Q & A, and Windrush Generation interviews to explore real and imagined stories of what children and young people did to pass the time while journeying on the Empire Windrush from different parts of the Caribbean to London.

We will go back in time to discuss the ring & clapping games children used to play ‘Back Home’ and how they have been transported to the UK and become part of our playground lives today!

There will also be an opportunity to include a garden-themed activity to generate some interest and background in relation to the Black History Season Abolition & Windrush Plaques Unveiling event that takes place, 2-5 pm, 26th October 2022 at Walpole Park.

Please contact Akuba (Grace Quansah) via for any more info!

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