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Lockdown Life & Rethink The Rainbow eBook - Congratulations to All Contributors!

Updated: May 20, 2020

Last Thursday Emily ‘Madge’ Payne and Sam Maeer (Giant Leaper Learning), co-creators of the upcoming multimedia eBook, ‘Rethink The Rainbow’, joined the ‘Lockdown Life’ Zoom session I and May are co-hosting to meet our talented young creatives and took part in the rainbow-themed session, which included a fun quiz, a mindfulness techniques, and some children interviewing them about their forthcoming publication! The book will include some artwork and poetry produced by writers who submitted work for the contest and/or who have been taking part in the Lockdown Life sessions.

Like the awe-inspiring rainbow, made up of seven different, vibrant, colours and qualities, ‘Rethink The Rainbow’ symbolises a beautiful message of creativity, diversity and cohesion through its inclusion of stories, poetry, artwork, videos and interactive activities, mostly contributed by children including members from WAPPY. It’s a necessary resource for parents, families, educators, child-care professionals and libraries, so do please reserve you copy now! The cover image is by Rachel List (The Yorkshire Banksy) :

This book radiates Rays of Hope and a practical panacea to help uplift young hearts and minds, especially as they suffer from loneliness and isolation from having to stay at home as part of the efforts to combat the spread of coronavirus. To find out more about this amazing book and to reserve your copy please visit this page

WAPPY is extremely thankful to Giant Leaper Learning for choosing WAPPY as one of it's beneficiaries from its fundraising campaign to support children's and young people’s mental health in the pandemic crisis!

Enjoy the video above to see works submitted to the Don't Worry/Be Happy Contest, and some works which are being considered for the eBook.

For this Thursday 21st May, we will offer two Lockdown Life sessions; one at 4.30 - 5.30 pm for primary school-age children (4 -11s), followed by a session from 6 - 7.15 pm for secondary school-age children and young people (12 - 17s). We will have a Sport Quiz and also include mindfulness tips to help children and teens cope with the Lockdown.

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