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In Celebration of World Afro Day-Panel Dicussion, "Hair Today/Wear Tomorrow."

WAPPY would like to thank Martha Lambert, (Ealing Libraries Mananger), panellists, Nicole Moore (author of 4 books including ‘Hair Power/Skin Revolution’), Derek ’DeCutter’ Clement (celebrity hairstylist, Afro Hair Care Expert: SHEAMOIST9, HairEx LIVE), Rudi Page (founder of Making Connections Work & Transformational Specialist, me as, Renée Stephenson and Michael Larbi (as Host)., for their fantastic input in Tuesday’s event, ‘Hair Today/Wear Tomorrow', panel discussion to mark World Afro Day 15 September 2020.

Martha initiated this wonderful online event which provided a forum for the panel contributors to present their own take on what Black hair means to them in the context of World Afro Day. In the above video Nicole reads from 'Hair Power/Skin Revolution' and takes about her hair jounrney.

Enjoy the video footage!

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