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Fashion, Clothing and Style-

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Lockdown Life has been exploring fashion, style, and clothing over a three-week period. First, we considered the history of girls and boys clothing and fashion over a 100 years, discussed what fashion means to our participants and then Akuba retold the Nigerian story of ‘The Craft Tailor’ (an adaptation of ‘The Emperors’ New Clothes’ ) and May concluded the session with a mediation approach, known as the ‘Body Scan’.

This week we focused on masks and face-coverings, using a quiz and media to see how some masks are worn around the world in different cultures and what they mean. Then trained actress, Renée Stephenson, gave a talk about the purpose of masks in theatre, having studied a mask-making module for theatre characterisations!

Participants were then invited to design a mask on paper, before we explore why the UK public is expected to wear a protective mask by law during the pandemic crisis and how it makes us feel. We also created our very own basic face-coverings, using a bandana or piece of cloth and two hair ties. Do join us next week when we will create a personalised T-shirt design, along with an uplifting inspirational quote to go on the T-Shirt. This proved very popular when we did this in 2018, during our Building Bridges project which was funded by Near Neighbours! If you're new to WAPPY/Lockdown Life parents & guardians please access this link to download the Registration /Consent Form and send it back to Thank You.


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