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Don't Worry/Be Happy Arts Expression Contest: Winners Announcement!

Well done to every young person who recently took part in our Poetry & Art Contest. The submissions were of an exceptionally high standard in all categories (4-7s, 8-11s, 12-15s & 16-19s) and we needed seven judges to assess the anonymised works, for 1st and 2nd places! Where there was a tie break for the winning place, runners up votes were used to decide. By doing this clear results were established in all the categories! So here are the winners and runners up:



Quincey Walcott-Quansah ART – Help Save Our NHS - Winner

Laith Abed (5) ART – Champion - Runner Up


Lizzie Desbruslais ART – Black Cat Looking into the Rain - Winner

Aniyah Thompson ART – Don’t Worry, Be Happy - Runner Up


Kiki Thompson ART – Don’t Worry, Be Happy - Winner

Tommy Young Owusu-Acheaw ART – Stay Home and Protect the NHS

Runner Up


Effie Quansah-George – Live Life in the Lockdown Baby Girl -




Nyah Walcott-Quansah (9) POEM – Wind In My Hair - Winner

Aaliyah Momoh (10) POEM – Don’t Worry, Be Happy - Runner Up


Christian Ferguson-Dawkins (13) POEM – Two Metres - Winner

Kaiaa Shepnekhi-Boston (15) POEM – That’s My Happy - Runner Up


Ivy Oppong (16) POEM – Music Makes Me Happy - Winner

Renée Dawkins (17) POEM – In My Mother’s Arms Runner Up

All first place winners receive £20 Cash Prize and all other entrants will a £5 All in One Gift Voucher including little 3 year old Amelie, whose work wasn't officially judged but is rewarded for her enthusiasm! Her work is posted!

We will also create publishing opportunities for all these works, some for the E Charity Book, 'Rethink The Rainbow' by co-creators, Emily Madge Payne (children's author) & Samantha Maeer (business systems manager). We will consult our winners and other contestants before publicising their entries. Watch this space!

Congratulations to you all, and well done to everyone for your excellent works!

We also thank our judges John Durston, Carolyn Warner, Manjinder Chijarh, Anjan Saha, Regina Ioannou, May Whyte & Maureen Roberts for their participation!

I will be in touch with all entrants’ parents shortly to arrange how to send your prizes! We hope to see you this Thursday afternoon 14th May, 4.30 pm for our 2nd Lockdown Life session. Please see our News Section.

Best wishes,


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