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Creating Mindfully -Lockdown Life!

WAPPY  & The Art of Mindfulness are launching a ‘Lockdown Life’ group via ZOOM ‪from this Thursday 7th May 4.30pm‬ onwards.  Here's May's introductory video:

May Whyte (see vid) & I will introduce  the ‘Rethink the Rainbow’, a creative a project founded Emily Madge Payne (children's author) & Samantha Maeer (Business Systems Manager) who are inviting inspirational stories, poems & songs for a children’s mental health book charity E- book to support children & young people during pandemic UK. It’s had high profile support. May who’s also involved & WAPPY are inviting its participants to contribute create work which for inclusion in the book to be launched for Mental Health week 18th-24th May 2020! 5 written piecs are required (i.e. stories and poems), as well as standout artwork! We will say more at tomorrow's Zoom meeting. Check out more info here :

Objectives of Lockdown Life are to:

* Provide fun activities for young people (ages 4-18) with parents/families

* Share experiences

* Consider how we can cope during the Lockdown and Covid 19 crisis

* Offer peer/friendship support

* Provide creative/educational resources & opportunities

* Find out what young people & families want from the sessions

Safeguarding Rules/ Advice for Parents during Lockdown Life Zoom Sessions

First, please confirm that you would like to join virtual workshop by registering your email, Your name and young child/rens name if under under 18 years. Your email will enable WAPPY to see who has signed up to the workshop and can help evaluate who’s attending.

If a young person is new to WAPPY please do complete a registration form as we need parental consent for publicity, which is downloadable via the web site or request one.

Download DOCX • 46KB

You will then be provided with a random ID and Password by Akuba

Locked Workshop Once started the workshop and all our participants have arrived, as host, I will lock the workshop so that no one else can join.

Parent Joining the Session

A young person (age 4-18) can only join a session provided a parent is in the session. We will want to record the session for Safeguarding purposes and Evaluation purposes, so we request parental written permission in an email when we invite participants to join the meeting.

Virtual Waiting Rooms WAPPY will use a virtual waiting room to enable WAPPY to check who each person is before allowing them entry. Known WAPPY participant we can enable them to skip the waiting room to speed things up.

No Screen Sharing will be allowed for participants. Only Akuba and May can host.

No Private Messaging To prevent distractions in the session WAPPY will not allow any private messaging between members, so to prevent peer talking without the knowledge of Akuba & May.

Uninvited Visitors will be removed if someone manages to join our virtual workshop, we will remove them via the Participants Menu.

Created by Past Participants

Respect for Self

I will always do my best

I will positively participate in all WAPPY activities

Respect for Others

I will stay on task without disturbing or distracting others

I will not use ‘put downs’ or harass others

I will respect other people’s differences and opinions

Respect for WAPPY

I will raise my hand to speak

I will enter and exit the room quietly

I will complete all tasks on time

I will actively listen when the teacher is speaking

I will not chew gum (added by group)

I will switch off my mobile before the start of the course

WAPPY 2020©

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