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CREATING MINDFULLY- 'Don’t Worry/Be Happy’ Arts Expressions Contest! See the vid below for details!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Details & Rules:

· Create an artistic piece inspired by What Makes YOU Happy. Remember the poem can have a rhyming structure or be free flowing!

· There are 5 age categories: 4-7s, 8-11s, 12-15s, 16-19s & 20-26s

· Entrants must have a local connection to the borough of Ealing (residential, school, work, family or friendship links)

· Deadline (may be extended if the contest is popular) is Monday 27th April 2020 @ 11 pm

· Judges include Maureen Roberts (Casting Voter), John Durston, Anjan Saha, Regina Ioannou, Carolyn Warner & Manjinder Chijarh.

· Winners will be notified by email Monday 11 May 2020

· 5 Winners from each category to be awarded £20 cash prize (payable by cheque or BACS).

· The work must be your own and a new piece which is not already published or out there in the public domain

· Works that are circulated publicly or copied will be withdrawn from the competition.

· WAPPY will display ALL works produced on its website ( & include them in a future publication

· We would like each entry to be accompanied by a video (3 minutes) of the artist-filmed by a parent/guardian who has responsibility. You should explain what inspired you to create the poem or artwork. This can be filmed using a Smart Phone and sent as an email to If you would prefer you child to write a short sentence instead. That’s fine too.

· Send submissions to Include parent’s name (if under 18 years) and email details, entrant’s name, date of birth, age, the title of the works and the video footage of ‘What Inspired Me’.

· Names will be anonymised so our independent judges will not know the names of the owners and will not be sent the videos. I (Akuba) will use the vids to understand the background context behind the works!

Good Luck!!

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