CREATING MINDFULLY- 'Don’t Worry/Be Happy’ Arts Expressions Contest! See the vid below for details!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Details & Rules:

· Create an artistic piece inspired by What Makes YOU Happy. Remember the poem can have a rhyming structure or be free flowing!

· There are 5 age categories: 4-7s, 8-11s, 12-15s, 16-19s & 20-26s

· Entrants must have a local connection to the borough of Ealing (residential, school, work, family or friendship links)

· Deadline (may be extended if the contest is popular) is Monday 27th April 2020 @ 11 pm

· Judges include Maureen Roberts (Casting Voter), John Durston, Anjan Saha, Regina Ioannou, Carolyn Warner & Manjinder Chijarh.

· Winners will be notified by email Monday 11 May 2020

· 5 Winners from each category to be awarded £20 cash prize (payable by cheque or BACS).

· The work must be your own and a new piece which is not already published or out there in the public domain

· Works that are circulated publicly or copied will be withdrawn from the competition.

· WAPPY will display ALL works produced on its website (www.wappy.org.uk) & include them in a future publication

· We would like each entry to be accompanied by a video (3 minutes) of the artist-filmed by a parent/guardian who has responsibility. You should explain what inspired you to create the poem or artwork. This can be filmed using a Smart Phone and sent as an email to wappy@live.com. If you would prefer you child to write a short sentence instead. That’s fine too.

· Send submissions to wappy@live.com. Include parent’s name (if under 18 years) and email details, entrant’s name, date of birth, age, the title of the works and the video footage of ‘What Inspired Me’.

· Names will be anonymised so our independent judges will not know the names of the owners and will not be sent the videos. I (Akuba) will use the vids to understand the background context behind the works!

Good Luck!!

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