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Book Launch for the Wonderful World of WAPPY

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

In celebration of 10 years since WAPPY's genesis, WAPPY is proud to launch an anthology collating creative works from over 100 children.

Young WAPPY author manning the book stall

WAPPY’s landmark Arts-funded publication, ‘Wonderful World of WAPPY: 10 Years of Inspirational Writing and Art by Over 100 Young Contributors’, is now available for purchase after its successful book launch in December 2018.

The anthology comprises poems, stories and standout artwork by 111 children and young people (ages 4-24) who have taken part in one or more WAPPY workshops and/or related partner activities run by WAPPY from July 2008 to November 2018. They write passionately on various subjects including: love, death, peace and war, belonging and family, friendships and building bridges, mythical creatures and real animals, London 12 and football, Dickens, Christmas, gender Issues, African folklore. There is also a chapter devoted to 6 international icons 'Who Have Changed Our World', including Jessica Huntley, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Willis Wilkie and Professor Zephaniah.

Included too are the contributions from distinguished authors like Eric Huntley (Bogle L’Ouverture Press), Professor Benjamin Zephaniah (Brunel University), Patrice Lawrence (Waterstones & the Bookseller Prize YA winner), Dr. Rupa Huq MP., Sally Baffour (Thank U Library), Maureen Roberts (London Metropolitan Archives), and Sebastian Jenner (Hillingdon Literary Festival/Brunel University); as well as from some members of the WAPPY team, past and present who reflect on their respective historical journeys with WAPPY.

50 out of 111 young writers and 3 young illustrators (ages 4-24) of the anthology attended the book launch party, and those that could not attend received complimentary copies for their part in the book's composition.

Apart from expressing a big thanks to those young people who read aspects of their works, informally and formally at the event, we are also grateful to the following for their generous and vibrant contributions to the event:

Anjan Saha

John Durston

Eric Huntley

Sally Baffour

His Worshipful the Mayor of Ealing

Dr. Rupa Huq

Sebastian Jenner

Shanti Ahilathirunayagam

Mervyn Weir (Krik Krak)

Patrice Lawrence

Khesumaba Jess

Jai Blue


WAPPY’s folk band (including David Berkovitch)

Aama Sade Shepnekhi

Siayoum Karuma

Nostalgia Steel Band players, Acquaye McCalman & Michael Larbi.

A big thanks also goes to WAPPY team members Ibi Showunmi, Rawha Ghergish, Carolyn Warner and Manjinder Chijarh for their assistance. We would also like to highlight the roles of voluntary WAPPY photographer & filmmaker, Christopher Ioannou, and professional filmmaker, Yonatan Girmay, members of the University of West London volunteer team, UWL’s chef, Stephane da Costa and caterers, and a heartfelt thanks especially to UWL’s External Hire Assistant, Nikoletta Isant, for her exceptional support!

It was wonderful to bring together our WAPPY community to celebrate our successes over the past 10 years, and we look forward to all of the creativity that will come in the next decade!

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