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Building Bridges End of Project Video

This video captures visually (with some live performances) most memorable highlights of the Building Bridges project that took place as an After-School Club at West Acton Primary School and at a Saturday afternoon workshop at Acton Library during early May 2022 to July ending 2022, thanks to sponsorship from Young Ealing Foundation. What is Building Bridges? Writing, Acting & Publishing Project for Youngsters (WAPPY), offered Building Bridges workshops, one hour, Monday afternoons after school at West Acton Primary School for 8 weeks (May to July) and also in the IT Suite of Acton Library, Saturday afternoons two hours, for 12 weeks.

Building Bridges catered for:

• Young people, ages 5 – 16 years

• All based on the theme of ‘Building a Bridge’

• We will build on our members’ creative skills

• Do team-work, problem-solving, and building activities

• Develop a range of creativities to be presented, published, exhibited and showcased. I chose to use a copy-right free download soundtrack, Relaxing, Happy Morning Music for Kids to Study in the Classroom, Positive Background Music (30 Min) by (with permission) from

As the owner suggests, it is really uplifting to reinforce my main message behind the Building Bridges project -that children and young people should be emboldened to reach and over-reach their true potential, to become confident and happy beings, independently, collaboratively and inter-generationally through any creative medium possible since they are our futures. This video was made for educational purposes and no commercial gain is sought.


Akuba (Grace Quansah)

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