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Black History/Our History -Ancient Benin


To mark Black History 365 this Friday 9th October, 6-7.30 pm (not Thursday) & a second session Saturday 10th October, 3.30-5 pm, Lockdown Life session will focus on the Ancient Benin Empire, which was one of the oldest and most highly developed states in the coastal hinterland of West Africa. The session will include a fun quiz, spoken word & ‘Q & A’ to explore the beginnings of the ancient Benin Kingdom, how the name ‘Edo’ became associated with Benin (with me storytelling of ‘The Leopard & the Viper’, how myths, art and other forms of material culture help us to understand why Ancient Benin, and especially its Obas, were so important plus unpack how the Benin royals and merchants encountered other traders, travellers and invaders using my poem, ‘Benin Encounters: When We Ruled’.

Please get in touch via for login details.

See you soon!

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