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'Passing the Time Through Rhythm & Rhyme on the Windrush'

Ahead of Windrush Day, Sunday WAPPY re-ran an updated version of its reputed workshop, ‘Passing the Time Through Rhythm & Rhyme on the Windrush’, which is currently being delivered virtually to schools in the Ealing borough, having successfully pioneered it with over 700 students for EYFS, Key S1, Key S2 & KS3 levels before Easter as part of the ‘No Learner Left Behind’ project. Using an ice-breaker quiz, storytelling, poetry, a map-reading activity, arts & crafts & Q & A, we explored real and imagined stories of what children and young people did to pass the time while journeying on the Empire Windrush from different parts of the Caribbean to London. We went back in time to discuss the ring/clapping games children played ‘Back Home’ and how they have been transported to the UK and become part of our playground lives today!

As one year 8 student stated, “One thing I learnt from the workshop was that games come from all around the world and they can be enjoyable for everyone. Another thing is that people felt all kinds of emotions when they travelled on the Windrush.” There was also a paper ship-making activity!

Here's a video of the pioneering Windrush session from June 22nd 2020 when Rene Stephenson led the paper boat-making session. The cover atwork is by Melena Stephenson.

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