"The way Akuba drew out the group’s talent meant that the performers strutting their stuff at the end of the session were unrecognisable from the nervous bunch sitting in a circle at start. All agreed that it was an excellent session.’
Hilary Nichols, Friends of St. Saviour’s Church of England Primary School, Ealing, West London 2008.

"Greetings Sis - you were magnificent, the women enjoyed you and we got positive feedback."
Rasheda Ashanti Malcolm (Ealing Women’s Refuge), October 2010 CEO/Creative Director

"Akuba went down a storm yesterday at our Keeping it in the Family performance storytelling + oral traditions event. All ages, much joy."
Joy Francis, Word of Colour Productions, Via Twitter, 19 October 2011 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Greetings Grace,

Thank you,
Thank you,
Thank you
Thank you for the exceptionally wonderful work you carried out at our school yesterday. The children are still raving about it all over the school.

My daughter retold the Anansi story to me, this morning on our drive in and then asked me to tell her, she pointed out that whilst I tried I was not as good as you!!

Stay blessed and keep up the good work.
Wendy Muhammad, Chair
Friends of Coston Primary School, West London, October 2012

"The Year 8, 9, and 11 classes involved were not only engaged but really enjoyed the storytelling sessions and points were made in context and with skill and above all good humour. There was never an issue of "crowd control" as is sometimes the case with author/visitor events. The P5 session with Year 9 at the end of the day could have been challenging but it was fascinating to see them offer their own storytelling after listening to you.

I was very impressed by the way you adapted to each session from a very busy (and unplanned!) point session in the morning with two year 8 classes to an initially quite slow lunchtime session with mainly Year 7s. I have to admit that I did fear that the students would react to these sessions as "here we go again". However, rather than a lecture of key points, the students participated in very enjoyable sessions that celebrated storytelling traditions. I also liked the interesting points, almost asides, to get a message across e.g. of how certain phrases such
as 'bad hair' linked back to slavery.

Above all, the punch line of "but-tocks" will be a highlight of the year!
Many thanks and best wishes, Grace".

Sean Delany, Librarian, City og London Academy, October 2012

"Dear Grace

I would like to say how much we enjoyed your day at Old Oak Primary.

The children in my Year 2 class were really gripped and involved in your storytelling. From the feedback I've had from other teachers it was the same in all the classes you worked with.

The props and setting, which you had created when the children entered your storytelling space, added to the impact of the stories and put the session into an African context.

The children certainly remembered the Anansi story in detail and we have gone on working with the characters through drama. Their experience of your storytelling added to their ability to order and retell a/the story, with extended vocabulary and a greater understanding of the characters actions.

Most of all it was a really enjoyable experience for all.

Your warmth for the children, enthusiasm and skill in storytelling really shone out.

Many thanks!"

Carol Olivier, October 2012, Old Oak School Year 2 teacher & Primary Rep on the committee of London Drama (www.londondrama.org)